Statehouse comes to Steamboat

Senator Annette Sweeny and Representative Pat Grassley came to Steamboat Rock and an audience of about a dozen last week.

Managed care is the private sector bringing a new discipline to government-backed health insurances, its defenders say. But last week came concerns managed care might prove money-wise, but wholesale destructive of small town medicine.

Creating a “health care desert” in rural areas.

The state of Iowa’s managed care project was the focus of attention in Steamboat Rock last Friday. Managed care essentially puts private companies in charge of overseeing insurance claims and payments made against systems like Medicaid.

State Senator Annette Sweeney and Representative Pat Grassley found that the issue even managed to elbow out confinement hog finishing, as the topic of the day. Both legislators had come to Steamboat Rock Library for a listening post.

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