School seeks community aid for instrument shortage

Last Thursday night was the annual Band Extravaganza concert at the E-NP Elementary gym. More photos will be the Friday edition of the Hardin County Index.

If your son or daughter’s experiment in music didn’t outlive high school, or perhaps even middle school, it can still be something of value. Buried in the closet may be that mismatched instrument which you have almost forgotten.

Give it a second chance, says the South Hardin schools.

Band director Wayne Lu, says the Eldora - New Providence Community School District is asking the community for assistance in providing band instruments for needy students. With the growing number of kids interested in the band program, starting at the fifth grade level and running up through high school, he says the district has a critical need for school instruments.

They are simply too pricey for some families, and even opportunities to rent can’t always fit family budget limits.

The school has been doing what it can, but the situation continues.

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