Hubbard meets its goal

It is no longer a fund raising work in progress, but instead a construction site this spring. The folks in Hubbard have went over the top with their $900,000 fund raising drive to finance the construction of the new Hubbard Medical Center project.

Webber Trucking and its $35,000 gift officially put the project over the goal. The plan of work saw a slight reduction in square footage along the way, but also an increase in the funds raised after the two year campaign.

By and large the building plan is nevertheless about what was originally envisioned. Hopes are that the building will be completed by the end of the 2018.

The fund raising goal was upped to $900,000 instead of the original $800,000 – what with some increases in materials costs anticipated. Planners didn’t want to start any construction until the full amount had been secured.

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