DNR approves four more hog confinements in Hardin County

Amidst tariffs, anxiety among farmers and fears of a global trade war, the growth of the pork industry in Hardin County continues to move along at a steady clip.

During Wednesday morning’s meeting, the board of supervi- sors approved affirmative Department of Natural Resources (DNR) determinations on four Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) applica- tions—the Bob Schager site in Alden Township,the 359 Pork site in Buckeye Township, the Chaplain Finisher Farm in Al- den Township and the Eldridge Finisher Farm in Ellis Town- ship—bringing the total number to over 250 countywide.

Eldora resident Julie Duhn, a consistent anti-confinement voice locally, shared her thoughts on the matter, accus- ing the supervisors and county officials of aiding producers in modifying their proposals to meet the legal specifications despite the fact that DNR rules forbid them from doing so. Ac- cording to Duhn, one recent ap- plication listed an address on a street that did not exist.

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