City coming together on EMS home

If the Eldora EMS does end up locating in the one time city fire station, it will have been a great example of opportunities presenting themselves, often unexpected. The basic distribution of space is shown here, with the left side of the drawing the south side openings on the current building.

City hall says it looks like there has been a meeting of the minds on the future of the Eldora EMS ambulance service.

After a year or more of considering a whole host of alternatives, it now turns out that an existing city property will make a fine home for the service, reduce its overcrowding, and do it in such a way all parties are happy with the result.

City manager Dave Mitchell says there are details to tie up, but it looks like the city ambulance service will be making it new home in the former city fire station. The idea has been under consideration for at least several months.

The building became available a few months ago when the city fire department started talking to the city about moving that service out to the one time Tri- Rinse facility owned by United Suppliers.

It took a few months of talks to finalize the acquisition of the large truck servicing depot out at the south edge of town, but when it was done, and the move completed only a few weeks ago, it leaves the fire station open to the ambulance service.

It was actually a couple of years ago the EMS began talking to the city about its need for more room in the ambulance headquarters.

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