Business Interests

Brett Pfalzgraff has a bigger role in his own business and a keen interest in the town’s business development.

The talk in the recent city council campaign took a familiar turn:

How and who is to revive commerce in town.

And if the new council is going to pursue the question, they will likely be speaking with people like Brett Pfaltzgraff. Pfaltzgraff recently took a 100 percent stake in the local Pizza Ranch, and has been an active campaigner seeking to reenergize a chamber of commerce-like organization in Eldora.

Pfaltzgraff and a partner own a businesses in both Eldora and in Ackley, but it was his employer at Pizza Ranch here who gave him an opportunity to take full ownership of the local franchise. Then a lot of business advocates in town chose him to be chairman of the fledgling Eldora Area Chamber of Commerce.

The community has been without an active chamber group, and without an economic development director at city hall, and now some feel the time has come to be more competitive in the markets – for business and workers both.

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