It pays to be in the paper

Take an utterly loyal customer base, well kept storefronts ready for occupancy, hand out pats on the back for just about everything, add in some youth and enthusiasm – and you’ve got a formula for economic development that’s front page news.

And of course it doesn’t hurt when the Governor wants to show up and endorse everything you do – because she’s forever reading all about you in the state’s largest newspaper.

All of this is why you might want to move to New Providence if you are thinking of starting a business. You could end up the talk of the state, and splashed across all those front pages.

Lt. Governor Adam Gregg called New Providence a few weeks ago after reading about the community in the Des Moines Register. How the small, small town came to be home to five new business startups.

The story covered most of a couple of pages, and Gregg said Governor Kim Reynolds so loved it she wondered if she and Gregg could stop in and talk shop with the celebrated young business owners.

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