Greenbelt Home Care reacts to Eldora withdrawal

When the city of Eldora backed out of its ownership role in Greenbelt Home Care a week ago - rather than contribute at $75,000 show of support - one might have thought Greenbelt would be put off.

Not so.

Actually Greenbelt administrator June Towne, told members of the county board of supervisors that the move gives everyone a chance to clear the decks and put Greenbelt on a firmer administrative footing.

She told the board of supervisors, because now Hardin County stand as the sole owner of a public stake in Greenbelt Home Care.

Greenbelt is an independent administration, but it’s also the instrument the county uses to meet its obligations for public health.

For years the county has made the one substantial financial commitment to Greenbelt, to provide for indigent health care.

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