GOP attorney candidate

Darrell Meyer

Events transpired in such a way the county Republicans didn’t have a sufficient time window in which to list their candidate for county attorney on the June Primary ballot.

They fixed that a week ago when Republicans met to formally put Darrell Meyer’s name on the November ballot. He is the one candidate listed for county attorney.

Technically, the party re- convened a mid-summer convention to nominate Meyer. Hardin County found a new county attorney in Meyer, who was sworn in a short time before the June vote.

Meyer had been conducting a private law practice in Marshalltown for several years, and said he was looking forward to the structure that would come handling the legal needs of one client-organization.

Right now he and his wife Julie are maintaining a residence in Union and planning a move within the county. What with this a soon-to-be election season, he said he set out to investigate the most expeditious means for securing a spot on the general election ballot.

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