Endowment makes 2018 awards

The McDonalds of New Providence were the honored of the evening when the Har- din County Community Endowment made its community betterment grants for the year 2018. Lloyd and Martha McDonald and Tom and Marlene (l) received the Making a World of Difference Award for their community and philanthropic efforts. Presenter was Andrea Brown (r)

Thirty-seven grants were submitted to HCCEF and reviewed by the board this year with a total requested amount of $171,997. A total of $105,631 will go to the projects of 31 Hardin County non-profit groups with 24 awarded in 10 different communities and 7 county-wide organizations.

The 13th Annual HCCEF Grant Awards Night was held on April 5th.

The “Making a World of Difference” award went to Lloyd & Martha McDonald and Tom & Marlene McDonald for all their volunteer work and endowment building in the New Providence area.

Since 2005, HCCEF has given over $1.8 million in grants to Hardin County non-profit organizations, cities, and schools through our Community Grants Program and through distributions from the 70 endowment funds with HCCEF.

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