County looks to replace courthouse HVAC

The Hardin County Board of Supervisors will seek bids for a complete replacement of the courthouse’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system according to discussions at Wednesday morning’s regular meeting.

Board chairman BJ Hoffman told the Eldora Newspapers he didn’t have a concrete estimate on the price yet, but a similar project in Franklin County is projected to cost upwards of a million dollars.

County maintenance director Jody Mesch brought the supervisors up to speed on the plans, and several attendees expressed frustration with the current units—most notably, for the noise they create.

Amidst a change in the ownership structure at Greenbelt Home Care (the county and the city of Eldora are co-owners, and Hansen Family Hospital no longer has any involvement), the supervisors were required to reappoint the current board members. Eventually, the board will be reduced from seven members to five—three of whom the county will appoint, one of whom the city of Eldora will select and one more at the behest of Greenbelt if approved by both of the other entities.

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