City wants EMS headquarters open by next summer

The addition to the former fire station is shown in bolder outlines on the top, which would be north on the drawing. The vehicle bays are illustrated below.

The general plan for headquartering the Eldora EMS has been known for a few months, but now after a couple of years of study, debate and some controversy, the plan is inching toward construction. The city will begin seeking quotes on the project in the next few weeks.

The hope is to have thejob completed by next summer and the move-in accomplished.

The ambulance service started looking for a new home about two years ago. Staff said that the accommodations out at the city health care complex were becoming too cramped.

Simply parking the vehicles was a challenge. Those that would fit the doors, would fit only barely, and one ambulance had for some time been stored off site.

The problem was seen as chronic, as the size of emergency vehicles were only continuing to grow larger.

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