Awards night at SHHS


Tuesday evening students from the South Hardin High School class of 2018 opened the envelopes on over 70 scholarships and grants of assistance to help with higher education. The annual awards night is a long tradition in the school. A host of state and regional donors make bequests, but the by far largest number come from local sources, service groups, estates, businesses, memorials and more. And one of the largest blocks of donors comes under the umbrella of the Tiger Scholarship Foundation. Recipients of the various foundation awards this year are shown above. See page two for more and check next Tuesday’s Index for a full list of all the gifts, their recipients and their sources. Pictured left to right are Chloe Webb, Chloe Edgerton, Jason Skartvedt, Holly Talbot, Kevin Rewoldt, Martin Hassan, Emily Stansbury, Andrew Sutton, Ryne Fuller and Rachel Weber.