140+ year-old Elk shed found in river

Curt Craig holds his once-in-a-lifetime find during the Pine Lake Festival in Eldora. Photo by Lydia Reichenbacher.

ELDORA – On Wednesday, July 24, Curt Craig was kayaking down a river in Jasper County, when he spotted something sticking up from the water. “I paddled past,” Craig explains, “And saw a tine [a point of an antler] sticking out of the water. I had to paddle back upstream in order to get closer to it.”

It was right next to a deep undercut of the bank, one of the deepest parts of the river. Craig had to get out of his kayak and “Go completely underwater to grab it. It was very cold!” Craig shivers. 

Read the full article in the August 13 edition of the Eldora Herald-Ledger.